Simply Leigh

Sunday, June 11, 2006

just inspired

made for my special someone. Geez

Thursday, May 25, 2006

[first task]

These are pennants I made for teams' cubicles for their group identity.

Ah! I am learning Macromedia FreeHand now. It's funny.

I don't want to post these here.. but I need to update my blog. Heck!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hello World

This blog is intended for my exposure on graphics, CSS and Web Design as a whole. I would be posting lots of stuffs in accordance to what I discovered but of course with supporting links.

For the meantime, I would like to give you the following great links that will suit your eyes:

Even if it is still under construction for the next explosion, the females that lurk the splash image never ceased to amaze me.

I admit, on all types of art, Abtract is my favourite that's why niteangel made me hooked on his site.

Where Art Meets Application, sounds familiar? Yeah! and I am a part of them.

Coming at you is pixelcatalyst's new site version to celebrate its 7th year online.

When you have something to make you inspire, include this. I'm sure you will find your eyes syndicated on that site.

These would be all for now. I will be posting lots of stuffs about my graphics and web design works soon as I get back to my home coz I am here for a vacation.

I will be adding some topics about CSS in which I am currently dealing with.

If you want to link my blog just do so, it works good for me. :)

Good day!